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3D imaging

3d imaging

Sirona 3D Scan Dental Imaging System

The Sirona 3D Scan Dental Imaging System allows your doctor to provide quick, comfortable, and effective dental imaging for the most precise dental health diagnosis possible. Sirona technology provides 3D data for:

  • Precision placement of dental implants
  • Virtual placement of implant in software
  • Placement of implant with precision designed guided stent 
  • Airway assessments for sleep apnea
  • Full facial and jaw 3D images

Patients can take advantage of a more complete dental treatment with Sirona 3D Scan Dental Imaging. Special features for patients include:

  • One, 20-second scan that provides enough data for a complete diagnosis
  • A safer diagnosis with less radiation than traditional CT scanners
  • Increased comfort — patients are seated in an open environment with plenty of space
  • A more cost-effective imaging system
  • Doctors can easily share the data with patients, so patients stay informed and are able to make educated decisions on their course of treatment

Our office is pleased to offer Sirona 3D Scan  imaging for patients receiving dental treatment. Come and see for yourself what it's like to receive a more advanced, patient-friendly dental experience. Call us today to schedule your next dental exam.

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